Truncated Dome Tactile Pedestrian Warning Systems For The Visually Impaired        
Exclusive Single Panel Design For Both Surface Or Embedded Installations        
About ADA Answer Industries Truncated Dome
Tactile Pedestrian Warning Products

A unique dual-use panel design allows the same panel to be used for surface applied and embedded applications. Simple add-on anchors mean more flexibility in planning installations and purchasing materials.

ADA Answer Industries offers an exclusive truncated dome design and background texture that offers many improved features for both the visually impaired pedestrian and the wheelchair user. Meeting all federal and state regulations, and manufactured of a military grade fiber reinforced composite, these truncated dome detectable warning panels are fast becoming the industry standard for durability, UV stability, wear and weather resistance.

   Simple screw-on anchors allow panels to be
   embedded in freshly poured concrete. Panels
   are easily removed and replaced if required.
Municipalities, developers, contractors, commercial property managers, large retail chain stores, commercial and governmental office complexes have all selected Answer Industries to help them meet the Building Accessibility Guidelines as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Whether you have us arrange for the installation, or you prefer to use your own contractor or facility staff, we can work with you to obtain a permanent, long-lasting and attractive installation.

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Some people look forward to a bump in the road!

Answer Industries Panels
are made in the U.S.A.
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