Truncated Dome Tactile Pedestrian Warning Systems For The Visually Impaired        
Exclusive Single Panel Design For Both Surface Or Embedded Installations        
ADA Answer Industries has the experience
and capacity to meet your every need

Over thirty-five years of plastics research, development and production experience have gone into the design and production of ADA Answer Industries truncated dome pedestrian warning panels.

The very special needs of the visually impaired pedestrian and wheelchair user, are of special concern to the creative people at ADA Answer Industries.

   Nobody knows more about truncated dome
   warning systems than ADA Answer Industries!
Because material compounding, and molding of the finished product are all processed at one facility, ADA Answer Industries has total control and supervision of every phase of manufacture, including inventory and shipping.

Availability on short notice is assured. From a single panel to thousands, ADA Answer Industries can meet your exact needs, on time, and on budget.

With a complete selection of panels in a variety of colors, and sizes from 24" by 36" up to 36" by 60", there is a product that will exactly fit your needs.

Our facility has been producing reinforced plastic containers for critical military and commercial applications since 1973.

Our facility formulates molding materials to exactly match ADA Answer Industries requirements, including consistency in color from batch to batch.

ADA Answer Industries utilizes SAAM Technologies proprietary molding systems to produce their unique truncated dome pedestrian warning panels.
Now you can easily schedule
product delivery to match planned
construction timing

Municipalities, schools, hospitals and other types of buildings are now faced with the need to upgrade existing areas, and include domed panels in all new construction. At the same time, other planned projects may impact the timing of these installations.

We have the capacity, and the experience, to provide a reliable, comprehensive delivery program, on a scheduled basis. This flexible program allows you to establish an overall plan, schedule deliveries and expense intervals throughout the fiscal year, and lock in your costs for the duration of the contract.

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