Truncated Dome Tactile Pedestrian Warning Systems For The Visually Impaired        
Exclusive Single Panel Design For Both Surface Or Embedded Installations        
Installation to meet a wide range of environmental
conditions is easily accomplished with
ADA Answer Industries multi-use panels

With substantial experience working with municipalities, developers, contractors and property managers, transit systems and governmental office complexes, ADA Answer Industries understands the needs of a wide range of applications.

Surface applied installation is very straight-forward. Multi-purpose panels are attached to the concrete surface with a powerful, no-trowel, non-water activated adhesive. Then nylon expansion anchors, with stainless steel screws, lock the panels in place. The installation is ready for public use immediately. This is also the ideal choice for both new installations, and to retrofit existing facilities without major demolition and replacement of existing walkways.

For those installations requiring a cast-in-place product, the same multi-purpose panel is used with easily attachable anchors. The panels are then placed in position and leveled with the surrounding walkway. This type of installation is ready for public use whenever the concrete has properly cured.

Both installation types allow the panels to be removed and replaced without damage to the substrate if the need should ever arise.

Our large inventory, total control of manufacturing, and extensive experience installing a variety of systems, both Cast-in-Place and Surface Applied Panels, means that we can provide the fastest turn-around time in the industry.

Whether you use our installers, your own staff, or a local installer of your choice, ADA Answer Industries can meet your needs from a single panel to thousands, on time and on budget.

Nobody cares more about truncated dome warning panels than
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